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War of the brands

Brands don’t play nice when it comes to taking their closest rivalries. Yet this game is not starting about a website and you are done with your business essentials. As long as it’s been roller coaster rides for the brands in order to compete with their rivalries. Challenging each other through advertising mediums to stay leader not the follower. Once the line is drawn it totally depends on the opposition either fire back or ignore.

There was an era where not a single brand cared about the competition because of the monopolies they had over several years. Now the market has been changed with the customer preferences and for brands, it’s been a battleground. Most of the brutal battles come in the form of comparative strategies in order to prove that their brand and products.

We as consumers and customers buy brands first and then the products. Brands are spending so much to leave their mark on the consumer’s mind using tactics like ambush marketing, viral marketing, brand advertising, evangelism marketing.

We’ve compiled some of the most intense marketing wars.

Coca-Cola v/s Pepsi

The biggest cola rivalry in the history is among these two brands since the 1970’s. They have battled over the loyalty programs to grab the market share and become the consumer’s favorites.  Mostly the change of the taste in the customer preferences has made these brands increase their portfolios.  As people became more health conscious both of these brands have switched to sugar-free drinks to tap the untapped market.

Audi v/s BMW

These longtime German rivalries got into the cut-throat competition. They have set their race in the world biggest auto magazine but things got heated up when the billboard direct hits were made by both of the brands in Santa Monica. As in mid-2000’s AUDI poked the BMW for its chess tournament. Later the BMW asked its followers to comment on the Facebook page with better leg pulling ideas.

Samsung v/s Apple

As we head to the verge of technology, phones have become more sophisticated part of human life. Apple and Samsung have always been the direct competitors of all time and both of these brands have captured almost all the market share. Samsung has approached the consumers where Apple can’t reach, means that they have a huge product portfolio that targets almost all the income classes. Apple has made the brand name with the class giving all the same features again and again. Samsung has been focused on generating new ways to hit consumer in every aspect like providing huge screens which later realized by the Apple and they took this initiative with Apple 6 and 6s. They both have been hitting each other from creating the TVC’s where they both have been trolling on the basis of their standards, prices, displays and camera.

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