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Violation of labor rights needs to stop and action must be taken!

As a nation, it is our duty to protect the rights of labor. It is unfortunate that it is common in our society. In urban cities child labor rates are staggering, other labor rights are violated. Due to poverty and no education, this labor can’t fight for their rights because in our country power and money is more dominant than our laws.

Every other day, we see a video being viral on social media regarding domestic labor abuse or another labor rights violation. A few days back I came across a video on social media of a maid being beaten by the employer. Domestic work abuse is not always reported, the silencing of voice for these labors is very common.

Recently, in Karachi, two men died of electric shocks via high tension wires while working outside a wedding hall.  Both the men died on spot after prolong electrical shocks which burned the bodies badly. Unfortunately, there are no laws to safeguard their rights and no aid is provided to their families. Bodies were sent back to their village, where no hope was left for their families.

Article 11 in our Constitution clearly restricts all form of slavery, child labor, labor harassment, and forced labor.

A picture went viral a few days back of a supervisor harassing workers in a garment factory. These conditions are worst for them. The picture clearly depicts the sad reality of labor rights and how these individuals are ridiculed.

Labor laws and Constitution restricts the employment of children before the age of 14 years. Despite that, we have seen our people violate this law every day.

We celebrate Labor Day and enjoy the public holiday but don’t realize the significance of Labor Day.

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