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Tips for getting the most out of Netflix

We’ve all been there: looking through an apparently ceaseless merry go round of shows and motion pictures accessible on Netflix, attempting to locate the one thing we should need to take a seat and appreciate. But we regularly wind up investing more energy searching for something to kick back and see than really viewing the thing itself.

Clean up your watch history

Netflix’s recommendations never will be completely spot on. It’s inevitable that you’ll end up slogging through something you didn’t really enjoy. (More power to you if you last until the end!) However, Netflix often gives recommendations based on your watch history. An entire row of suggested shows and films based on something you didn’t like is a waste of everyone’s time.

Discover plugins

If you are watching Netflix on your computer, you can add some browser plugins to supercharge your experience. In the Google Chrome Web Store, for instance, there are plugins which can variously crank up the playback speed, adjust the contrast, or import custom subtitles. If you’re more socially inclined, the Netflix Party plugin lets you hold watch parties with friends, with synced playback and group chat, which is a particularly neat option if you’re a social viewer but don’t live close to your buddies.

Split your profile personalities.

One of the best features Netflix has added in recent years is multiple profiles. Even if you don’t let anyone else use your account, it might be worth using separate profiles to categorize the shows and movies you watch.

You might set up one profile for horror, one for documentaries, another for comedy, and a fourth for reality shows. That way, each time you check into a dedicated profile, you might see more recommendations tuned to your specific mood, rather than suggestions that take your full range of interests into account.

Beef Up Your List

Netflix has a built-in feature called “My List.” Be sure to add interesting items to it as you scroll through the myriad options available, even if you don’t plan to watch them immediately. If Netflix cycles that show or movie out of its library and then back in again, it will reappear on your list.



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