Don't forget that "Social Media Bullying" is a crime
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Don’t forget that “Social Media Bullying” is a crime

By: Rubab Alauddin

Social Media bullying has become a serious issue with the passing years. Every year, approximately 30% of students worldwide are the target of bullying out of which nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once.

Bullying isn’t something new, but it has certainly changed over the years. One of the reasons you hear about it so much today is because it is happening in more places than ever before. Today, with the increased use of the internet, children are now being bullied in all locations and at all times. This has created an epidemic that must be stopped.

Learn why social media bullying is such a problem these days. It wasn’t long ago that most people didn’t even have a computer in their own homes. Just a generation ago, computers were virtually unheard of and the internet didn’t exist. Today, computers are in just about every home, as well as most schools, giving kids access to technology they’ve never had before. While this is a useful tool to help them grow and learn, it also brings dangers that can lead to bullying and other issues.

For this reason, it is essential for parents to understand how young people use the internet. This way parents can educate their children about safe internet use. No matter how careful you or your children are with privacy settings, it can be hard to completely remove the risk. When children, and many adults for that matter, aren’t talking to someone face-to-face, they are less likely to feel the implications of what they are really saying. It is too easy to say something you wouldn’t say to someone if they were standing right in front of you.

So what can parents do about children and social media issues? Do whatever it takes to build your child’s self-esteem. Put them in sports, or any other activity they are good at and enjoy doing. Give them responsibilities and then praise them when do their best to handle them. Never punish your children by berating or calling them names. Be kind, but firm, and show that you trust them to do well. Your child’s self-esteem can be there to protect them when you’re not around. Someday your child’s inner strength may have to be there for someone who doesn’t have any, and that could save a life.

Social media bullying may be one of the newer forms of bullying, but it could prove to be one of the most serious. The fact that children and teens have a difficult time getting away from it can lead to dire consequences that can have lasting effects. For this reason, it is important for parents, educators and other adults to find ways to help children learn how to interact in a friendly manner and what they can do to fight against bullies.

With the right guidance, cyber bullying in all its forms can be reduced and potentially even stopped, giving kids a safer childhood.

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