SMS-based tutoring system to launch in public schools
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SMS-based tutoring system to launch in public schools

As there are a lot of students who need after-school academic assistance, the Govt of Punjab came up with an idea to launch an SMS-based Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) in public schools through two different programmes, which would be great help to the students, starting from Nov 15, this year.

Under this programme, the Class-VIII students will be able to get answers to their questions related to English and Maths subjects through the ITS. Likewise, the system will also be launched for the Class-IV and V students by April 1.

The good news is that the programme’s pilot project, which has already been implemented in 30 public schools a couple of months ago, is helping improve the students’ learning outcome.

Moreover, the project also delivers quality educational content for science and mathematics using LED screen and tablet PCs.

“Currently in its initial phase, the project has already improved the performance of some 1,800 students, and will soon expand operations across the country, with the stated aim of reaching 100,000 students by December 2018,” claims Amna Raja, Project Manager, DFID e-learn initiative.

She further said, the funds were arranged through the donor supporting the “Ilm Ideas 2 Education Innovation Fund’’ as part of the wider UK Aid support to Pakistan. The Ilm Ideas 2 project has been awarded to Mott MacDonald Ltd. It is managed by the Mott MacDonald’s team based in Islamabad, she added.

According to a project brief, its primary objective is to improve learning outcomes through technology-mediated study materials.

PITB’s Director General (IT Solutions) Waqar Naeem Qureshi said the department is now set to launch the SMS-based Intelligence Tutoring System in 100 public sector schools by April, 1, 2017, in association with the school education department.

“This programme is exclusively for the grade-4 and 5 students, whose parents will receive a call during evening hours to review their children’s study on a daily basis, Similarly, the parents or the students themselves can get assistance through a dedicated SMS service,” Mr Qureshi said.

He further added saying that the system would guide the students to reach the answer for themselves. “The system will drop hints four times in order to enable a student to get the answer. And if the student fails, the system wouldn’t respond to further query.”

This system was being introduced in Pakistan for the first time. It is a great step taken towards a betterment for our young generation. And it is also unique, in view of its coaching method.”

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