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Scary video game for this year Halloween

If you are not dressing this Halloween and not taking your children out for some treats, you might indulge yourself in some video games. Since it’s a Halloween we might look for some it makes sense to choose a game that will scare the living out of you.

Alien: Isolation

Isolation may be a standout amongst the most disregarded diversions of the most recent decade. Not exclusively is it absolutely, totally alarming, it’s only a splendidly very much panics, Alien: Isolation pits you against an impeccably planned Alien that really reacts to your structured understanding and you should play it regardless. Rather than relying upon scripted developments. Each experience is extraordinary. In the event that you make excessively clamor, you’re dead. In the event that you don’t focus on your environment, you’re dead. Outsider: Isolation is most likely the best-unadulterated awfulness involvement in computer game history.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

A startling first-individual experience where you should deal with your mental soundness, Amnesia: The Dark Descent was mainstream among You Tubers, who might frighten themselves to death playing it. It’s routinely portrayed as a standout amongst other loathsomeness recreations at any point made.


Inside is one of those brilliantly executed short games you can play in a couple of sittings. This game will stay with you. With zero dialogue, it manages to create a strange, believable universe that will haunt the hell out of you.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill franchise is pretty unsettling; it’s the second installment that remains the best and most disturbing. You play as James Sunderland, a man who returns to the abandoned town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter written by his deceased wife. As you descend deeper into the town, you encounter deformed creatures like Pyramid Head and the undead nurses.


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