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Zapbuddy finally launches on Android

With so many chat apps being around it’s hard to imagine what new features one can expect from the new entrants. Especially, with big giants like WhatsApp establishing themselves well in respective markets, it becomes difficult to launch a chat app and entice users to try it out. VEON is a recent example that made a big launch and successfully attracted the users but supposedly failed to retain them.

This is the first app that is built completely around the world of augmented reality merging naturally in the world of chats. These two are very different domains yet they have somehow managed to make this merger look like it was supposed to be this way all along.

It has been almost a year since the upcoming chat startup – ZapBuddy – made a peep. The app had some unique features that are patent pending, addressing encryption, data security, privacy controls, Augmented Reality, etc. A major thing going in their favor is the fact that data selling is not a part of their business plan and that gives relief to privacy-focused users.

There were still two big things missing from the app. The first was Audio and Video calling and the second, which was the most important, is the absence of an Android version.

The team has now finally added both audio/video calls and an Android version. ZapBuddy has been made by a small team of developers working from their basement garage, between jobs and this journey. The team is distributed between Melbourne and Islamabad and but their passion has helped them in creating such a platform.

Amazingly, the whole project is self-funded by the team and the revenue model does not rely on selling user data or ads. As mentioned earlier, there are a few planned features to bring it on par with the mainstream chatting apps and that is a big task.

As far as their work is concerned, we’re impressed and wish them best for such an endeavor and have a very strong feeling they just might be the next big garage success story.

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