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You can pay to get a free seat next to you on the plane

Aer Lingus passengers won’t have to war over the middle seat armrest anymore. Starting from September 1, the airline will allow passengers to book an empty middle seat, guaranteeing no one will be sitting next to them on select flights.

“AerSpace guests will have reserved seating in row 1 on our most popular routes, leaving the middle seat free and allowing more space to work or simply relax as they fly,” Susanne Carberry, director of network revenue and loyalty at Aer Lingus told the Independent.

AerSpace is available on select short-haul flights, according to the company’s website. With it, passengers are also able to reserve cabin space directly above their seat and have access to priority boarding and complimentary food and drink on board.

The special seating is only available on the first two rows of the aircraft, the Independent reported. Fares start from $208 each way.

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