White House revokes 'India sponsoring terrorism' petition
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White House revokes ‘India sponsoring terrorism’ petition

A few time ago, we informed you about the petition filed in the White House urging to declare India a terrorist state. Now, the news has it that the White House officials have removed the petition urging to declare India ‘a terrorism sponsoring state’.

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The sudden reason behind this petition removal is stated to be the abundance of fake signatures aiming to reach the minimum required support for the petition.

The White House website has openly declared that the Indian petition has been ‘closed’ and no one can sign the petition now. It has been archived as it couldn’t meet the signature requirements as per the United States.

The petition was filed on 21st September demanding 1,00,000 signatures in 30 days (till October 20) to get an official response. It gained massive popularity and obtained over half a million signatures during first ten days alone from the Indian citizens.

On the other side, US Congressman Ted Poe and Dana Rohrabacher have also introduced  a bill titled “Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act” in the US House of Representatives.

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