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WhatsApp has failed to curb sharing of child sex videos

WhatsApp has failed to curb sharing of child sex abuse videos despite banning thousands of accounts every day, Financial Times reported Thursday.

According to FT, the Israeli researchers had warned Facebook that it was easy to find and join Whatsapp chats where up to 256 people were sharing sexual images and videos of children.

“It is a disaster. This sort of material was once mostly found on the darknet, but now it’s on WhatsApp,” Yona Pressburger, an Israeli researcher, told FT.

WhatsApp, however, said that it “has a zero-tolerance policy around child sexual abuse” and “actively bans accounts suspected of sharing this vile content”. The social media platform has banned over 130,000 accounts in the last 10 days, the FT said.

The experts believed that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, which was designed to protect privacy, disables the company from seeing the content of messages its users send.

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