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What’s the best Antivirus software for your system?

It doesn’t matter if you are a new to computers or someone with massive experience and know your way around a PC. Protecting yourself against viruses and malware is no easy job.

It would be wrong to say that there is one best antivirus solution which suits all types of users. Therefore, we will list multiple antivirus software categorized based on their performance and real world test results.

The antivirus software listed below are categorized based on the following 4 criteria:

Real World Test: The testing is done on a Windows 7 Home Premium with latest third-party software which is mostly used by the general users. The results are based on 368 live test cases including malicious URLs.

Performance Test: The same system is used in performance tests. SSD drives are used to provide a better reflection of the effect of each software. During the tests, file copying, installation, launch and download speeds are used as a benchmark. PC Mark is also used to get an accurate measure of the antivirus’ burden on the PC.

File Detection Test: This test is used to detect the efficiency of an antivirus in detecting a malware. During the test Windows 10 64-bit was used and 163,763 malware samples were used.

False Alarm Test: False Alarms occur when a file is incorrectly marked by an antivirus as a virus. The more False positives (FPs), the more unreliable the antivirus is in terms of automatic decision making.

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