Waseem Akhtar's court hearing in the counter-terrorism case
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Waseem Akhtar’s court hearing in the counter-terrorism case

Waseem Akhtar, the elected Mayor of Karachi, appeared in the court; under the sanction of counter terrorism department today. The mayor has been under the police custody, for a long time now.

Waseem Akhtar was presented in front of the court panel for the hearing of his case. While taking to the media, prior to the session, the Mayor of Karachi said that the government is using the sanctions of counter-terrorism department in a wrong way.

He further said that it is due to such false accusations and bogus cases; that the citizens of Pakistan are under hot waters.

Waseem Akhtar further stated that Pakistan Army has the full support and morale boost from the citizens of Karachi .

In the end, he also pleaded the authorities to allow him to attend the meeting of council on 4th October.

To those who don’t know, Waseem Akhtar is under the police custody for allegedly treating the terrorists, aiding them, and the 12th May terrorist attack.

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