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US-based firm on the verge to make investments in Pakistan’s solar-power sector!

The US-based firm named Solar Stick is planning to invest in Pakistan’s solar power sector through a joint venture with a local Pakistani firm called Net Power Company. Solar Stick has also introduced a mobile solar technology in Pakistan which can be used for civil and military purposes and can help in reducing the circular debt on Pakistan.

The announcement about the technology was made by the US Embassy Commercial Officer in Pakistan Mark Russel and US company Solar Stick’s Pakistani partner Muslim Lakhani on Tuesday, during a ceremony held in Islamabad. The US diplomat stated that Washington was planning to enhance its relations with Islamabad and the US companies expressed their interest in making an investment in Pakistan.

The companies were interested to invest in the solar energy sector of Pakistan as it has a lot of potential in areas where electricity could not be produced easily.

The diplomat further added,

“We are making an investment in Pakistan through a joint venture with Net Power Company. Solar energy promises enormous benefits to far-flung regions of Pakistan”.

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