US dropped 26,171 bombs in Pakistan & other countries in 2016
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US dropped 26,171 bombs in Pakistan & other countries in 2016

The United States of America dropped nearly 26,171 bombs in seven countries including Pakistan, reveals the Council on Foreign Relations recently published report. Apart from Pakistan, the other countries struck by the cold terrorism included Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

The report took findings from the number of airstrikes in Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) – a campaign against Islamic State (IS). It also focuses on the quantity of bombs dropped on the terrorism inflicted countries by the US.

OIR has released the data in form of several press releases. However, it is puzzling to jot down the exact quantity of bombs dropped, as a single airstrike couldn’t account to the factual numbers. Thus, it only provides data on everyday ‘registered’ airstrikes, ignoring the fact that a single strike can concur multiple bombs at once.

Due to IS being prominent in Syria and Iraq, the most number of bombs with the ratio 12,192: 12,095, were dropped in the mentioned countries respectively. This accounts to the massive 93 per cent of the bombs dropped by the US.

Afghanistan became a victim of 1337 airstrikes whereas 496 bombs were dropped in Libya. Only 3 bombs were dropped in Pakistan in 2016, which is less than that of 11 during 2015.

It is pertinent to mention that the countries affected by American bombing are all Muslim nations, facing the wrath of America’s self-inflicted terrorism.

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