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Uncover the dark side of Paris

Paris is known for its culture, food and romance but if you like mystery there is a dark side of Paris that lives along its romantic persona that’s wants to be discovered.

Discover the history of French for one of the most interesting yet decidedly unromantic things to do in Paris.

Gothic Gargoyles


France, Paris, Ile de la Cite, gargoyle on roof of Notre Dame

Architects incorporated a twisted sense of style by making gargoyles on the buildings. You just have to look up to spy more of these “nightmares in the sky” as you walk the streets of Paris.

The land of the dead

Derinkuyu_Underground_Cityparis-catacombsThere is a secret tunnel for religious practice where the skeletons of around 6 million former Parisians are piled up on top of each other.

Bring to the block

Place_de_la_Concorde_fountain_dsc00774 Guillotine ba9827d735

Marie Antoinette who was a deposed queen was executed at the Place de la Concorde, Her former cell is still present whereas other prisoners were lived behind untraceable walls and barred doors and windows.



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