UK Government takes action against Altaf Hussain
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UK Government begins action against Altaf Hussain

Pakistan government had sent a reference to British government condemning Altaf Hussain’s statement through telephone on 22nd August. The Brit govt has now confirmed that the reference based on Altaf Hussain and his speeches has been sent to the Metropolitan Police.

The Metropolitan Police has ensured that a thorough examination would take place of the incident which lead to violent breakouts throughout Karachi. The British Home Office pointed that they are resolving the case on merit and on the basis of evidences only.

The reference which was sent to the UK Government pointed that  Altaf violated the Pakistani, British and international laws and, therefore, the British government should take action against all those responsible for inciting the public to violence and creating a law and order situation in Pakistan.

The inside sources have also quoted that the British officials are allegedly under the pressure of M-16 to withhold any action against Altaf Hussain.

The FIA, on the other hand, is also buckled up in solving the Imran Farooq murder and money laundering cases. Both the cases have been pin pointing the name of Altaf Hussain in them. However, the British Government is least interested in solving the cases for Pakistan.

The officials have anonymously revealed that the response of British Government to these problems is harsh and cold.

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