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Did you know: Uber paid 4.4 million in settlement against federal charges!

The US Commission of Equal Employment Opportunity said on Wednesday that Uber had agreed to pay $4.4 million to victims of alleged gender discrimination.

According to a press release announcing the settlement, Uber agreed to compensate anyone who the EEOC determines experienced sexual harassment and/or related retaliation.

The agency did not specify which incidents the settlement relates to but noted that charges were initiated after widespread publicity in 2017 concerning the treatment of female employees at Uber.

Business Insider reported that, in February of that year, Susan Fowler, an Uber engineer published a widely-read blog post in which she said HR ignored her complaints about a manager who propositioned her for sex. Fowler said she was told the manager was considered a high-performer who shouldn’t be punished for “an innocent mistake.”

In June of 2017 Uber founder Travis Kalanick resigned as CEO in response to criticism about the internal culture and growth-at-all-costs mentality within the company on his watch.

According to Business Insider, Uber also agreed to put new measures in place aimed at identifying repeat subjects of sexual harassment complaints as well as managers who fail to promptly respond to complaints.

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