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Two Mayors Killed In various parts of Mexico On Saturday


Two Mexican leaders and a vise mayor were killed in various parts of the nation on Saturday, as per Mexican authorities.

Ambrosio Soto Duarte, leader of Pungarabato, a residential area in Guerrero, was killed in neighboring Michoacan state, Hector Astudillo Flores, the legislative head of Guerrero, said in a news gathering Sunday.

Duarte was riding on an interstate when two pickup trucks halted his auto, Flores said. A shootout followed, executing Duarte and a suspect and harming two cops in Duarte’s security subtle element

Duarte had gotten passing dangers, inciting him to demand security for himself and his family starting in January, said Flores.

He was by all account not the only government official Mexican leader to meet a vicious passing on Saturday.

Domingo Lopez Gonzalez, leader of San Juan Chamula, and Vice Mayor Narciso Lunes Hernandez were among five individuals shot and executed in the town’s fundamental square, said Juan Carlos Gomez Aranda, the secretary of government for the condition of Chiapas.

They were meeting with occupants when a gathering of outfitted men shot at the group, Gomez Aranda said.

Another 12 individuals were injured, he said.

The lawyer general’s office in Chiapas said it is exploring Saturday’s killings.

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