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Twitter Decides To Ban political Ads, Which Might Lead To Revenue Decline.

Social Media Giant, Twitter will ban political advertising on its platform next month, the company said in a statement on Wednesday, a move that won praise from Democrats and scorn from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Researchers do not expect the ban, which takes effect on Nov. 22, which will reduce Twitter’s business. Social media companies, including Twitter rival Facebook Inc., face growing pressure to stop carrying ads that spread false information that could steer elections.

Mark has pledged efforts to deal with misinformation after Russian propaganda on the platform was seen to affect the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which was won by Trump, a Republican.

Deputy communications director stated, “We appreciate that Twitter recognizes that they should not permit disproven smears, like those from the Trump campaign, to appear in advertisements on their platform.”

Biden has faced attacks from Trump, offered without evidence, about the foreign business dealings of his son Hunter.

Russo stated “It would be unfortunate to suggest that the only option available to social media companies to do so is the full withdrawal of political advertising, but when faced with a choice between ad dollars and the integrity of our democracy, it is encouraging that, for once, revenue did not win out,”

Trump’s re-election campaign director, Brad Parscale, who is running, described Twitter’s move as an “attempt to silence conservatives” and “a very dumb decision” for the company’s shareholders.


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