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Some Whatsapp users reported to have received a message from scammers offering them the exclusive ‘WhatsApp Gold’ to download from its website,

If you have received any message urging you to signup for Gold version of WhatsApp, just DON’T download it as it is a virus. This promises entry into an exclusive club with special features, like sending more than 100 pics in one go, delete messages sent by mistake and more. But it is not true and most likely a scam.


Users are asked to click on a link to download the update. However, the link takes them to website that is screened with mischievous software, infecting their smartphones with disgusting viruses. It is not known how many people have received the message. However, it seems to have mainly infected Android devices.

Here’s what the message says:


However, WhatsApp Gold is not the first scam that has gone viral on the app. Previously spam messages would go viral claiming to be from one of the founders, insisting the user to forward the message to 100 friends to show that they were active users, else their account would get shut down.
Also there was the WhatsApp Plus app, which as the Telegraph report points, was not authorized by the company and claimed that it will “let users send pictures, videos and music files of an unlimited size.”

As usual, the best way to avoid the WhatsApp Gold scam is to ignore and delete any messages which mention it. The only apps you download, come from the Google Play Store or the App Store, and if you’re in doubt about a too-good-to-be-true new app, you shouldn’t install it.

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