This school in Hyderabad produced CEO's of Microsoft, Adobe & Mastercard
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This school in Hyderabad produced CEOs of Microsoft, Adobe & Mastercard

Usually we talk about collages and universities that boost their recognition towards their alumni who settle at renowned companies, on great positions. However, this time around there is a school that has come to notice with its A-list graduates who claimed positions for people to know their name and worth worldwide.

The Hyderabad Public School, in Begumpet, has produced CEOs of Microsoft, Adobe, Mastercard. Satya Nadella, CEO – Microsoft studied at the school before he had left for Manipal and then to the US. Similarly, Shantanu Narayen, CEO – Adobe also attended the school and Ajay Banga, CEO – Mastercard he moved to Delhi University and IIM Ahmedabad. But that’s not it, if you thought this list was impressive enough, there’s more — Prem Watsa, CEO – Fairfax Holdings, who’s been called the Canadian Warren Buffet, was also a graduate from Hyderabad Public School.

Satya Nadella, CEO – Microsoft
Shantanu Narayen, CEO – Adobe
Ajay Banga, CEO – Mastercard
Hyderbad Public School seems to make sure its students are well looked after. Its 155 faculty members are carefully chosen, and it makes sure that its students can actively take part in extra-curricular activities. HPS has seven — yes seven — full length football fields, a hockey field,  three basketball courts, a cricket ground with its own stadium, tennis, volleyball and throw-ball courts and a even its 400 meter, 8 lane athletic track. Students enact Broadway-like musicals in its theater, and the campus is also home to a world war era fighter jet.
This school in Hyderabad produced CEO's of Microsoft, Adobe & Mastercard
Hyderabad Public School

It’s a fairly incredible bunch of personalities to have come from the same school, but perhaps HPS’s most striking achievement is producing 4 simultaneous CEOs of major corporations. India has been making a name for itself in producing top CEOs, but to have four of them from the same school in Hyderabad is remarkable.

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