Thief steals donation box from mosque, says "it's between him and God"
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Thief steals donation box from mosque, says “it’s between him and God”

Recently, a thief stole UPS batteries and a donation box from a mosque in Jahanian, Khanewal alongside leaving behind a note saying, “It’s between him and God.”

The prayer lead of the mosque Qari Saeed told reporters that along with the donation box, two USP batteries worth Rs. 50,000/- had been stolen from the mosque while worshippers were busy praying on the night of “Laylatul Qadr”.

“This matter is between me and Almighty God. Please, nobody should try to find me. I am a very needy person and thus stealing from Allah’s home,” the thief’s letter read.

He further wrote that he had come to the mosque once and asked the prayer leader for help but the latter had refused and thrown him out.

“When people refused to help me, I was forced to steal from the mosque,” he wrote. “I have not stolen anything from anyone’s house. I’m just taking a few things from Allah’s house so this is a matter between me and Him. None should poke their nose in our matter.”

Locals have expressed sympathy for the thief and asked Qari Saeed to forgive him for he must be very needy to do this.

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