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The Boom of Plant Based Meat. Find Out Here!

As our world is evolving, more new trends are coming in and the lifestyle of people is changing as well. Recently McDonalds and KFC have introduced its plant-based meat burgers in order to be environment-friendly.¬†McDonald’s tests a plant-based burger with Beyond Meat in Canada; analysts are on the lookout for more veggie burgers.

It was reported that they expect further conversation and testing around plant-based and anticipate a US roll out as soon as mid-2020.

McDonald’s stated on Thursday that it had partnered with Beyond Meat to serve a plant-based burger at 28 locations in Canada. The burger, known as P.L.T or “Plant, Lettuce and Tomato.” will appear on menus in Southern side of Canada for 12 weeks, starting on September 30.

Business Insider reported that McDonald’s will be using the test to see whether customers actually order a veggie burger, as well as check whether adding a P.L.T. creates issues with operations and the supply chain, Even if the test is successful, McDonald’s might test the product or¬†other plant-based products in more markets before determining whether it wants to roll out a plant-based product in the US.

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