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Technological Advancement Has Evolved Our Automotive Industry.

Technological advancement has taken revolutionize almost every industry. Companies are incorporating technology with their brands.  With the evidence of driving automotive innovation, auto brands are now looking at reinventing the road trip with immersive in-car entertainment.

It was reported that A rapid blitz of technology in recent years has put self-driving cars on the road. Now, as technology continues to improve, a number of car brands are leveraging its capability to create immersive in-car entertainments, where augmented and virtual reality can make cars a hub for gaming, viewing, and shopping.

As the trend is shifting, with the roll-out of 5G, people are more connected than ever, with many predicting that our cars will become extensions of our digital selves.

According to The Drum, “As soon as cars can make journeys themselves on a regular basis, entertainment will quickly be added into those vehicles,” predicted Mike McGee, a chief creative officer at visual effects company Framestore. “And if you’re not driving, you’re going to want to watch media or play games or explore where you’re going.”

One car brand leading the way is Honda, which is moving the needle on integrating mobile services into cars with its Dream Drive technology.

“This is the automotive industry’s first integrated driver and passenger infotainment, commerce, services and rewards dashboard within the vehicle environment,” explained Frank Lin, managing director for technology and program delivery at Honda Innovations.

Audi is also jumping on the tech-bandwagon, by leveraging VR and AR. Designed for passengers, Audi’s Holoride technology utilizes a headset to immerse the rider in a different world, based on the road the car is running on.

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