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Some Mysteries Are Never To Be Solved!


A scientist is a person who studies or has expertise in science. A scientist tries to understand how our world, or other things work. They make observations, ask questions and do extensive research, work in finding the answers to many questions others may not know about. But there are few things that have left even the scientists puzzled. What are those things? They are mentioned below. After reading all this im sure, you will be surprised I know I am!

  1. Cows Only Face North Or South While Eating or resting, why?1-cows-e1434610114384Cows graze only in either North or South directions. This is a strange thing that even the most inquisitive of minds have failed to observe. Is it something related to Earth’s magnetic poles or a technique to ward off predators that no one ever gave attention to? Some animal species, though, are known to have an internal compass, but scientists are confused to identify about Cows.
  2. How can Living things survive without Oxygen?9-bacteria-2Living things as we know can only survive with oxygen even microscopic one. But there are certain living organisms (Bacteria) that not only survive without oxygen, but they can actually grow without it.
  3.  Resettlement of Birds.flock of migrating canada geese birds flying at sunset
    While knowing that winters are coming, birds have a tendency to migrate to areas with calm weather. Science is unable to find out how these birds are able to identify which areas have milder weather.
  4. Ghosts.ghostsScience cannot confirm that ghosts exist. In fact, it considers them to be hallucination of our mind. But those who have actually experienced something during midnight or anytime, they know better than to trust the scientists on this one.
  5. Déjà vu.dejavyphenomenonSometimes things that happen in the present make you feel like you are revisiting your past. It is a feeling that hits us rarely. But when it does, we get captivated and overwhelmed in its secrecy. A theory says that when your brain fails to encode a new memory properly or when it doesn’t properly draw awareness between new memory and old memory, déjà vu strikes. But, this is one of the many ideas they have come up with. The exact cause that generates this strange occurrence remains unidentified.
  6. Existence of Aliens.maxresdefaultThere are many who claim to have seen aliens from other planets, but science has yet to find any confirmation of their existence.
  7. Placebo Effect.if_you_believe_it_willPlacebo effect is a hidden effect of a prescription. If a patient is told that a certain kind of medicine will work best, he/she will take the medication and feel good straight away. Is it just about curing people by making them believe in this myth? Despite being able to prove that the placebo effect is real, science is still perplexing over why this effect takes place.
  8. Why do we yawn?728648616There are many myths related to yawning. Some say that you yawn because you are tired, while others say you yawn because you’re sleepy. If we see someone yawn, automatically we start yawning as well. Some say that you yawn because your blood lacks oxygen. But science is still out on this age-old question.
  9. Sixth sense.sixth-sense-quizThe sixth sense isn’t just a trick used by scary movies. It is actually a reality that we be likely to live by and some people apparently call it “feeling”. Yet, despite being so pervasive, our powers of sixth sense have confused sciences for ages.
  10. Magnets and their direction.45825f27a352ce14bf0bd091cfa12e9990c20a92Scientists are still unable to figure out why magnets have south and north poles, despite escalating greatly on the theory of magnetism.
  11. Bermuda triangle.headings_5094_87873Apart from all the above mentioned mysteries this Bermuda Triangle will probably never be explained sufficiently by science.

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