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Smartphone or a life saving device?


Smartphones used to be a luxury back then but now, almost everyone have at least one smartphone with their ability to organize and simplify so many of our daily tasks.

It’s no surprise that smartphones are allowing us to be safer than ever before but what if you just had a terrible accident on a lonely road somewhere remote. How quickly the emergency service could determine whether that someone is alive or dead?

A technology has been developed in South Africa that aims to address the accident reporting an emergency situation without even requiring a button to be clicked.


CrashDetech’s app automatically monitors your trips using its “smart drive-detection” functionality. It is able to detect a serious car crash simply by using the accelerometer sensors in your phone that measure the g-force of an impact.

The app pinpoints the driver’s location and dispatches the nearest ambulance – complete with paramedics that know the user’s medical history automatically.

Every second counts.

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