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Shooting Attack at Munich Shopping Centre

Germany’s Munich shopping centre was under attack. Around 15 people are dead and more than 10 people are severely injured.

According to the reports an unknown person entered into the shopping centre of Munich and started shooting. Right after the incident the police of Munich sealed the shopping centre and started the operation of finding the person behind the shooting.

Police helicopters are flying over the city and the highbrow border security unit, GSG9, has been flown in.
The body of the suspected attacker was found about 1km (0.6 miles) from the shopping centre, local media messaged.

German media has complained a robot and explosives experts searched the gunman’s body, which has been found “with a red backpack” but no information has been disclosed as to the reason behind this attack.

Initial reports claimed there were three gunmen, but embassy have now said there was just one terrorist responsible for the massacre and that he was not previously known to police.

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