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Shaheen air resumes operations after bank guarantee

Shaheen Air International (SAI) will resume its post-Hajj operation on Monday as the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has now allowed it to reopen its head office. The FBR ordered the office be sealed after SAI failed to clear dues amounting to Rs1.4 billion under the head of taxes.

SAI spokesperson Zohaib Hassan said that the airline was given the tax notice. Management of SAI was working to pay this amount on time but the FBR team arrived at the head office on Friday evening and sealed it. Due to Eid holidays banks were closed not only in Pakistan but also in Middle Eastern countries.

“On August 24 SAI provided a bank guarantee to FBR. On this FBR agreed to allow SAI to resume operations. The Airline not only has to fulfill Pakistani laws but also has to follow international laws. Due to this, the tax payment was delayed,” Zohaib added.

SAI head office will resume operations from today. SAI has been in news since the past few months and has been facing difficulties from CAA and tax authorities. We hope to see the matter resolved soon and enjoy the services of SIA.

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