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Sexual Harassment: This Time Its the Other Way Around


Sexual harassment is forcing someone for unwelcome and repeated sexual advances, comments, looks, physical contact, stereotyping, and request for sexual favors.

The perception relating sexual harassment is straight forward, men harassing women, it might be on a street or at an office or any place in the world. Why are men always objectified for this crime? Not every time men are responsible for this behavior. Women are also in such a state of power to manipulate anyone for their own pleasure.

Research conducted by Professor Paula McDonald from the QUT Business School and Professor Sara Charlesworth from RMIT shows that more than one in ten complaints of sexual harassment at work are reported by men, a QUT study has found. According to this research, women were accused of sexually harassing men in 5% of cases and men accused other men in 11% of cases.

“Men are overwhelmingly responsible for sexual harassment against women in the workplace, but men are also the targets of sexual harassment far more commonly than typically assumed by researchers or the community at large,” Professor McDonald said.

Women everywhere are visualized as an object for pleasure, where some eastern women adopted western culture and prefer being in a living relationship rather than sticking to one person.  Women empowerment doesn’t mean taking advantage of it. I feel ashamed because of these women these kind of women are creating a bad reputation for other working women.

We all have the right to live our life in our own way, while keeping the cultural differences and religious limits in mind. Although it is not easy to entirely follow the religious guides but then we should at least do what’s right wherever we can. We could try to maintain the balance. It is further to be quoted that one of the main reason to this cause is the sense Gender Equality. We have to understand the fact that in the society we live in, the term gender equality does not exist as at the end of day we live in a male dominant society.

The reason of this blog is not to perceive every men and women as a molester. But to change the thinking of our society that men are not always to blame, at times it can be women who are at fault. There are some of them in our society who are humiliating women all over the world and they must be pointed out so that no one else has to go through that. It is significant that workplaces have supportive complaint mechanisms, including for men, who may find about it more difficult to report sexual harassment. There should be a strict administration division supervising in all offices that can judge and keep an eye over every single employee.


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