Serious diseases to spread in Karachi after rainstorm
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Serious diseases to spread in Karachi after rainstorm

According to In-charge Director of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Doctor Seemi Jamali, the rainstorm in Karachi may result to some serious diseases spreading in the city. Dr. S. Jamali says that as the water has not drained due to the bad sewerage system, illnesses like dengue and malaria will be the most outspread disease after the rainstorm, especially in a city like Karachi with sewerage issues and garbage.

Other than that, Dr. Jamali claimed that many patients have come across complaints of stomach ache as a result of gastroenteritis. Also as bacteria grows in still water, one deadly disease most frequently seen after such storms is Hepatitis, which results as a cause of drinking dirty and unhygienic water.

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