Scotland Yard seeks time to decide Altaf Hussain money laundering case
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Scotland Yard seeks time to decide Altaf Hussain’s money laundering case

The Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, London has demanded a two-week time to decide if the cash found from Altaf Hussain’s home, MQM headquarters, and the businessman Sarfraz Merchant, would be confiscated or not.

All in all, the police managed to grab £167,525.92 from MQM’s offices in London, 289,785.32 from MQM’s chief home, and £30,000 from Merchant’s home.

About two weeks ago, Scotland Yard had said that it would submit the decision by by Oct 5. However, yesterday, the officials stated that they need more time to go through the documents sent by Pakistani authorities; making it till October 19.

MQM- London has failed to comment on the situation, while, Mr. Merchant has stated that the UK authorities should make a decision.

The money laundering case is different than freezing the accounts of the party. In April, the police submitted evidence of suspected MQM money laundering activities to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). CPS has yet to give a statement on the case.

On the other hand, the insiders through the London have stated that at some point; the Metropolitan police intends to confiscate all the assets and freeze the accounts.

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