Scotland Police allows Muslim Women to wear Hijab with uniforms
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Scotland Police allows Muslim Women to wear Hijab with uniforms

Scotland Police, a few time ago, declared that Hijab would be the official part for women officials from now on. The initiative was taken to introduce cultural harmony and religious diversity amongst the police force.

The Scotland Police force stated they hope that the new step will “encourage women from Muslim communities, who may previously not have seen policing as a career option, to reconsider”.

It must be noticed that Muslim police officers were allowed to wear Hijab, before the declaration, but only after the permission from concerned staff members.

Phil Gormley, in his statement, said;

“I am delighted to make this announcement and welcome the support from the Muslim community, and the wider community, as well as police officers and staff.

“Like many other employers, especially in the public sector, we are working towards ensuring our service is representative of the communities we serve. I hope that this addition to our uniform options will contribute to making our staff mix more diverse and adds to the life skills, experiences and personal qualities that our officers and staff bring to policing the communities of Scotland.”

The decision by the Scottish police force was warm-heartedly welcomed by the Scottish Police Muslim Association (SPMA). Fahad Bashir, chair of the SPMA said;

“This is a positive step in the right direction, and I am delighted that Police Scotland is taking productive steps in order to ensure that our organization is seen to be inclusive and represents the diverse communities that we serve across Scotland. 

“No doubt this will encourage more women from Muslim and minority ethnic backgrounds to join Police Scotland.”

Although a few time has passed after the announcement was made public, Police Scotland’s step to introduce cultural diffusion was worthy applauding.

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