Saudi officials form "WhatsApp group" for men seeking more than one wife
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Saudi officials form “WhatsApp group” for men seeking more than one wife

Saudi marriage officials have formed a WhatsApp calling group for men seeking multiple wives, in order to promote the practice of polygamy. Due to the increasing number of divorced women and widows in the country, Saudi officials have taken this step, reports Saudia Gazette.

The group has been established by the name “Polygamy”, and male members of the group are being encouraged to marry more than one wife. The officials came up with this idea when the divorce rate in Makkah started increasing massively.

The officials collected the data of more than 900 divorced, widowed and single women; some of whom expressed their intention of not having any problem being a third or fourth wife. As per the list, the oldest woman was 55-years-old whereas the youngest was just 18. Also, the educational qualification of women also vary from the master’s degree to secondary school and even a PhD.

Pakistani, Chinese, Moroccan, Syrian, Yemeni, Palestinian, Nigerian, Saudi, Bangladeshi, and Egyptian women have joined the group.

Moreover, the group is open for any sort of wills and wishes of the potential marriage seekers. One woman also expressed her desire for a dowry of SR60,000 while the other wished for a Hafiz-e-Quran husband.

The concerned Saudi marriage officials have stated that they are assisting the potential couples with relevance to matchmaking free of charge.

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