Saudi actor saves the life of a Pakistani truck driver
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Saudi actor saves the life of a Pakistani truck driver

A Pakistani truck driver, Rustam Khan, lost faith when he was imprisoned in Taif, Saudi Arabia, a year ago. Mr. Khan was held captive due to a traffic accident, which resulted in the death of a Saudi military personnel.

As a punishment of this crime, the Pakistani resident was commanded to pay SR250,000; deeming it totally impossible to pay back in his meager salary.

According to Saudi Gazette; in his desperate attention to be pardoned and to save his life, Khan posted a video on social media where he even offered to sell his kidney. Soon after he posted the video, Saudi actor Fayez Al-Malki made another video announcing that he would be paying the entire amount of blood money.

Al-Malki paid money to the heirs of the military personnel, as parents of the victim refused to accept any monetary help.

Fayez Al-Malki’s kindness has won millions of hearts across the world.

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