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Sadia Bashir’s journey to international fame

Sadia Bashir is a video game pioneer and one of the selected few from Pakistan who are self-made and independent. From a child who loved games to a game developer and owner of a game development academy, Sadia’s journey is one of its kind yet similar to all those who work through their hardships realizing their dreams and reaching out full length.

The first game she developed was a first-person shooter, which she developed using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) as her final year project for her bachelors. She used to present her games at many conferences during her time at the university.

When Sadia was working on her thesis, she came about the knowledge to try and start to build a gaming industry in Pakistan. Together with her brother-in-law Umair, she founded PixelArt Games Academy (PGA), a place to develop full-fledged games and IP ownership. She began from the WECREATE Center and pitched her idea at the Startup Academy where she was inducted in the first batch. They helped her launch PGA and incubate the project.

The PGA has relations with international stakeholders and even organise international events like hackathons, Game Developers Conferences and Global Game Jams. In the near future, the academy plans to organise a small gathering of game developers including some international speakers.

Sadia, herself, is currently working on two games. One is an RPG while the other one is a social game.

Sadia Bashir says that times have changed and women are contributing in the IT industry. She asks women to take a stand when they face difficulties and make their goals clear while staying committed to their mission. She aspires to see more women in the video game industry and has even offered scholarships for women who wish to study in her academy.

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