The Real Story Behind New York Attack's Suspected Terrorist -Ahmad Khan Rahami
A picture shared in tweet by New Jersey Police to identify attacker
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The Real Story Behind New York Attack’s Suspected Terrorist -Ahmad Khan Rahami

New York and New Jersey were blown by a blast, a few days ago. While no one had expected it, the American citizens were left shocked by the intensity and the casualness of this terrorist attack. The Afghan-born American who works at a fried chicken restaurant is under custody for this heinous crime against humanity.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, used to work at his family restaurant named as ‘American Fried Chicken’ in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He also lived at the same building; above the restaurant.

Most of the people are shocked due to Rahami’s sudden involvement in the attack. They think that he was quite a friendly guy and had Americanized completely. More acquaintances have revealed that whenever they went to the restaurant, he always talked about something casual.

So, What Lead To This Attack? 

The Real Story Behind New York Attack's Suspected Terrorist -Ahmad Khan Rahami

While, there may vault out many reasons, most of the common assumptions include Rahami’s confusion over racism and ethnic involvement. The neighbours of the takeout had a complaint regarding late-night rowdy behaviour of patrons, some four to five years ago.

The city administration had passed an ordinance in 2011 commanding the restaurant to shut at 10pm without any conundrum. Owing to the decision, Rahami’s father had sued the city for ethnic discrimination.

Mayor J Christian Bollwage has expressed that the case had nothing to do with ethnicism and racism. But, it was a mere concern of the people who were disturbed by late night congregations on the street.

The mayor said the city won the case in October 2012. This infuriated Rahami’s brother, who even fought with the officials when they came to shut the restaurant. The brother reportedly fled to homeland, Afghanistan, before the case could be prosecuted.

The report by CNN has also unveiled that the culprit used to visit Pakistan frequently. He visited Quetta in July 2011 where he married a Pakistani woman. He made a second trip to Pakistan two years later, and stayed there for a year.

Was Rahami Intentionally Prepared For The Blast?

The Real Story Behind New York Attack's Suspected Terrorist -Ahmad Khan Rahami

It all started when Rahami, allegedly, visited Afghanistan about four years ago. As per the acquaintances and those who used to know him; he shifted from being a total American to an aspiring and flourishing Muslim.

He grew a beard, began wearing traditional Muslim robes and prayed in the back of the store.

In 2014, he was also arrested on assault charges. The official court documents state that he stabbed someone in the leg in a domestic incident. The attacker was indicted for the charges.

We cannot surmise if the Afghanistan visit was a nostalgic touchdown to the homeland or a start of some traditional Taliban Terrorism training. Fortunately, Rahami was identified through a camera on the mobile attached to the device before he could do more damage to lives or further destroy the reputation of Muslims throughout the world.

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