PTI ready to form an alliance with PPP against government
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PTI ready to form an alliance with PPP against government

Imran Khan has revealed that PTI would be forming an alliance with all opposition parties including the arch-rival PPP against the government and its corruption in Panama Papers.

Moreover, Mr. Khan also said that the entire team of PTI would stand in collaboration with PPP, if they plan on launching any anti-government campaign on corruption. He stated that although PPP hasn’t contacted his party yet, but “if they contact us, we will respond after holding intra-party consultations”.

Khan said the biggest problem that Pakistan is facing right now is the problem of corruption, adding that if the Panama Papers controversial issue was not resolved his party would again go to the streets against the government.

“How can we take Pakistan forward with corrupt and incompetent leaders? … The common man will continue to suffer until a system of justice is not enforced. We will not keep mum over corruption,” said Imran.

He also said that the performance of Sindh Police has remained unsatisfactory in improving the law and order situation, but other law enforcement agencies like Rangers have played a very vital role in decreasing the crime rate in cities like Karachi.

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