BREAKING NEWS: PTCL Network down throughout the country
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BREAKING NEWS: PTCL Network down throughout the country

PTCL Network have been disrupted throughout the country. As per the reports, network connection has been disturbed and the users are facing issues in telecommunication connectivity.

Furthermore, the internet connection and other related services of PTCL are also facing distortion with almost low to no connectivity around Pakistan.

Moreover, it is being reported that Ufone, sister company of PTCL, is also going through network issues in some part of the country.

As per the reports by different media outlets, Internet speed across Pakistan has drastically reduced by about 60 per cent. The reason behind this sudden connectivity issue is due to the damage in underwater fiber optic cable called as APTEC system near Karachi.

PTCL, in a Facebook post, confirmed that its services have been disturbed and the company is working to restore them:

Additionally, e-ticketing for Pakistan Railways has also been adjourned due to the connectivity glitch.

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