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“Privacy is personal” a new awareness campaign by Facebook.

Countries like USA and UK, are expressing concerns over how Facebook handles citizens’ private data, the social network has launched a campaign in the UK designed to educate the public on its privacy tools.

This new campaign is an effort by Facebook to make them more credible and transparent. Following the scandal of Cambridge Analytica and a hack which compromised the data of over 50 million people, this was done to create awareness.

According to research, Facebook found out the most of Brits were confused about their privacy settings and were not aware of its customization. The same survey revealed that only half of UK Facebook users knew how to control who sees their photos on the platform, while 22% didn’t know how to use the privacy tools on any social network.

So, to improve the awareness of its own features and show that privacy isn’t binary, Facebook has launched a national consumer marketing push centered around how settings and preferences can be tuned to each individual.

The campaign highlights, how users can set their privacy settings and can be secured from hacking and other breaches of personal data.

This campaign will run across all channels and social media platforms. Facebook is focusing more on privacy issues and is creating awareness to eradicate such problems.

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