The president bans smoking throughout the country
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The president bans smoking throughout the country

According to reports, the President of Turkmenistan has banned the sale of all tobacco products.

A new announcement supposedly bans the sale of all tobacco products, with shops facing a fine of up to £1,200 (or 6,900 manats in Turkmen currency) if they are caught selling cigarettes.

The Turkmen media is totally controlled by the government. Reporters without Borders list Turkmenistan as the country with the third-worst press freedom in the world, with only North Korea and Eritrea ranked as more repressive.

Nonetheless, word has made it out of the country about the latest policy imposed by the current president, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedow.

As the tobacco ban was announced, state-controlled TV showed footage of thousands of packets of cigarettes being destroyed.

Let’s see what impact the policy will have on the health of the people of Turkmenistan, where life expectancy is just 65 years.

I think its a very good initiative. All countries and specially Pakistan should also ban tobacco products, which are harmful for our health.

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