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These Predictions About Future Will Scare The Hell Out Of You!


We have gathered some predictions about future that will scare you. While there are some positive predictions, at the same time some of the predictions are the one’s we never want to face. See for yourself.

1. You’ll be able to 3-D print basically everything.

As 3-D printing becomes more large scale and open source, more of the world around us will become info machinery, by the 2020s you’ll be able to “live extremely well and print out everything you need.” Already we can see 3-D printed houses, rib cages, and bridges are becoming a reality.
2. Cancer treatment could be a reality by 2020.

Good news! Five years seems like a very positive timeframe for this, but data scientists are suggesting that cancer treatment could be a reality by 2020. This would require a change in the way data is processed and shared to achieve; it’s very unlikely to become a reality this quickly.
3. We’ll never make contact with aliens

01 Positive Alien - Extraterrestrial
We take it for granted that eventually whether it be next week or sometime during the next eras we’ll make contact with aliens. The truth is, it’ll likely never happen. That’s because there’s no one out there transmitting signals for us to intercept, and no one’s travelling between stars in search of new places to conquer.

4. Self-driving cars on the road.

The forecasts for automated vehicles vary wildly, but 2020 has been marked as the year BMW’s self-driving vehicles are transmitting humans about. This one is worth taking with a pinch of salt, as there’s a huge number of legal and safety footraces to overcome, but it’s nevertheless an exciting possibility.
5. The effects of climate change will be irreversible.

Late year, world leaders forged an agreement to limit human-caused global warming to two degrees Celsius. It’s a creditable goal, but we may have already passed a critical sloping point. The effects of climate change are going to be felt for thousands of years to come. And as we enter into the planet’s Sixth Mass Extinction, we run the risk of damaging critical ecosystems and radically diminishing the diversity of life on Earth.
6. The antibiotic era will end.

An increasing number of diseases are becoming strong to antibiotics. Eventually, we could make the unhappy transition to a “post-antibiotic era,” a time when even the most routine infections could threaten our lives. The era of antimicrobial resistant bacteria will change medicine as we know it. Transplant surgery will become difficult, if not impossible. Simple operations, such as a burst appendix, will be dangerous once again. Pneumonia would destroy the elderly, as would many other diseases of old age, including cancer.
7. We’ll lose all the satellites.

Few people today are aware of the risks posed by the partial or total loss of our satellite fleet, a devastation that could be initiated by a Kessler Syndrome, a massive geomagnetic solar storm, or through a space war. Without satellites, our ability to communicate would reduce vividly. GPS would be completely wiped out. Space-based synchronization would grind to a halt, affecting everything from the financial sector to the electrical grid.

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