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Pine organised a meet and greet session to introduce its first batch of incubates

PINE (People’s Incubation New Enterprise) welcomed its first batch of incubates. The Orientation and meet and greet was held at Karachi Gymkhana. Pine sets itself apart from all incubation programs based on the training they offer to entrepreneurs. They offer entrepreneurial training based on the Youth Entrepreneurship Policy of commonwealth and UNDP. The incubates with innovative ideas will be trained and mentored by the successful entrepreneurs and experienced professional from media, financial markets, Advertising and Marketing, NGO’s and the banking sector. Teaching them not only to understand how to setup and run their businesses but also how to sustain growth and set and achieve goals.

Pine Global brings together the expertise of professionals in the field of engineering and finance and focuses on contributing to startup infrastructure in Pakistan. The aim is to develop the Fintech Sector in Pakistan. The Founders were present at the occasion of inauguration to meet and discuss the roadmap the trainers, mentors and aspiring entrepreneurs will be taking in order to achieve individual and mutual goals.

All the trainers including Erum Masood, Niran Rehman, Burhan Allah Saiyed, Suhaib Rashdi and Suleman Maniya met and encouraged incubatees to introduce themselves and discuss their ideas with them.

The Mentors heard and encourage these startups by offering their expert advice. The group of mentors included; Rafiq Malik, COO, Bykea, Ayesha Zaheer CEO Injaz Pakistan, Saqib Sheikh, Hasan Waheed, Anika Moiz from Boss Woman Pakistan and Farid Ghori, CFO, Osmani & Co.

Adnan Faisal, CEO FHM Pakistan, who is also on the Board of advisors of Pine Incubation also attended the event and has offered to support the board and extend full cooperation in the media industry field. Ms. Maria Rashdi, excelling marketeer and also a member of the BOA met the young group of individuals and spoke them about the marketing side of the business model.

Fatima Ali, Head CDD Samba Bank, who also came to encourage the young entrepreneurs stated, “Developing an app is a part of the startup, what it also needs, is a complete and sustainable business plan to make your startup a success. Pine is the place to be!”

PINE’s mission is to stimulate the establishment and growth of new and emerging startups by helping them gain access to mentors, training, shared space, professional assistance, capital and other services that will move them on to the fast track to success. Pine aims to contribute to job creation and enhanced economic health in the region.

The team PINE, led by Shaz Shahid said that she is excited with the response of the incubates. Mr Atif Osmani the Senior Director of Osmani Group has expressed his support and is thrilled to see the youth’s initiative for the incubation.

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