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PIA fires 54 employees for fake bribery, smuggling & other charges

54 PIA employees were found to be involved in submitting fake credentials, bribery, smuggling, and indulging in narcotics and theft of government records and hence have been relieved of their duties.

The national flag carrier took action against the employees after committee reports found them guilty on the above-mentioned charges.

PIA’s spokesperson said that the charges against them were proven after thorough inquires and committee reports. He said that further investigations are taking place within the organization.
According to the spokesperson, seven employees were dismissed for tampered documents, eight for prolonged unauthorized absence, two for taking bribes from customers/contractors, four for being involved in illegal and immoral acts of omission, one for indulging in alcohol and narcotics.

Moreover, five employees were given the penalty of withholding increment for disorderly and indecent behavior, nine awarded with a reduction to lower pay scale for insubordination and another employee was served with censure notice for sleeping on duty.

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