Pervez Musharraf is returning to Pakistan
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Pervez Musharraf is returning to Pakistan

According to our sources, the former Army Chief Pervez Musharraf has decided to return to Pakistan after a detailed meeting with a senior representative of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P), Khwaja Izhar ul Hassan, in Dubai.

The meeting with both the politicians is said to taken place due to an impending coalition between Musharraf’s, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) and MQM-P. During the meeting, both the politicians discussed about the current law and order situation of the country.

Musharraf, while, talking about Zarb-e-Azb operation applauded the efforts of the Army in eradicating terrorism throughout the country. He also appreciated Rangers for working hard, day and night, in order to make Karachi peaceful again.

The Ex COAS further stated that the Nawaz Sharif government has failed in making Pakistan stable and the country is still indebted in huge loans. He also said that Imran Khan has failed the Pakistani population and wasn’t able to bring about any change. Musharraf is high-spirited that his party would take an action against terrorism and there would be no need of martial law, in the future.

While being asked about the various ongoing cases including; Lal Masjid operation, Akbar Bugti murder case, and breaking the constitution, Musharraf declared that he is not terrified of any legal action and would clear his stance in every case.

Pervez Musharraf also revealed that his decision to return to Pakistan has been taken after a detailed discussion with the Party members. On the other hand, a representative of APML verified that Musharraf is coming back to Pakistan and that they are planning to relaunch the party, but didn’t disclose the exact date of the return.


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