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PALPA has warned over safety regulations and threatened to go on strike

Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) is not pleased with the current safety situation and has warned to stop all flights if the safety regulations are not implemented.

PALPA’s spokesperson enunciated that due to the deteriorating working conditions and intentional compromise on flight safety by PIA’s management, pilots are vying for better safety procedures.

“They will not work against the PCAA and ICAO safety rules after post-Hajj operations,” said the spokesperson. He said that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had issued an Air Navigation Order a year ago in which the flying times of cabin crew and the pilots were not according to international standards.

PALPA said in its statement,

Due to the deteriorating working conditions and deliberate compromise on flight safety, on the part of the PIACL management; the PIACL pilots’ fraternity by virtue of their sensitive nature of the job, will not work against PCAA and ICAO Safety Rules, after post-Hajj Operations.

The statement says that in case of a mishap, PIA’s management should be held responsible.

PCAA rules are based on UN (ICAO) flight safety rules and its deviation by PCAA would not be tolerated in other countries if noticed; PIA flights can be banned.

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