Pakistani Muslim teenager brutally beaten in a racial attack in Canada
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Pakistani Muslim teenager brutally beaten in a racial attack in Canada

A Pakistani Muslim boy, Noah Rabbani, residing in Canada has been brutally beaten by a white man with a bat, in another case of racial and Islamophobic attack. As per the official sources, as a result of this sad incident, the boy has suffered from short-term memory loss along with the complete apathy of right side of the body.

Noah was walking to his grandmother’s house from his friend’s when suddenly a car stopped by near him, and a sudden attack with him from behind with a bat took him by surprise. Noah was unable to dodge the bat and was beaten by one guy, who repeatedly kept hitting him with the bat

Salima Hafeez narrated the incident as quoted by her nephew as;

“I turn around and see this bat coming toward my head. It was too fast for me to react. One guy just kept hitting me with the bat.”

Noah, injured, had to crawl the distance to his grandmother’s place from where his brother picked him up and he started getting seizures and vomited as well.

Hamilton police, Canada has described the incident as a case of theft, but, Salima wasn’t convinced as nothing of value was looted.

“It’s frustrating. They didn’t take his wallet or his phone. They took his backpack, which had only some books and a water bottle,” she said.

“They couldn’t do much surgery because there was still a lot of swelling. Funds are tight for his family,” she added.

Hamilton police has stated that it is “looking all aspects” of the case.

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