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Pakistan has denied all Indian media reports regarding, FATF.

Indian media outlets need to crosscheck facts before publishing any news. Recently Indian media claimed that Pakistan has been blacklisted by the APG (Asia Pacific Group), the FATF (financial action task force). However, the ministry of finance has denied all the reports of being blacklisted by APG.

Ministry of Finance issued a press release which stated that all the reports were “baseless and incorrect”.

On Friday, Indian media started reporting about Pakistan being blacklisted. No sources confirm such news.

The ministry added that, during the meeting with APG, the group profoundly adopted the Pakistan3rd MER (mutual evaluation report). The group has favored Pakistan to be part of an extensive follow-up report, as per their mutual evaluation guidelines.

The Press release added that “In line with APG’s Third Round Mutual Evaluation Procedures, Pakistan would be required to submit follow-up progress reports to APG on a quarterly basis,”

According to Dawn, the FATF communications advisor said that the authority to place the country’s name on a blacklist can only be approved by the body of international watchdog and not by its regional affiliated institution.

APG is the regional body of Paris based FATF and the member of the United Nations. By law, it’s mandatory for members to go through the vetting process, which is in accord with FATF analysis. Since 2000 Pakistan is the member of APG.


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