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Pakistan goes blackout!

The entire country went into darkness after it suffered complete power breakdown a few minutes before sunday midnight.

The power blackout was caused by a sudden drop of frequency in the high transmission line (HTL) to 0 from 50.

Minister for Energy (Power Division) Omar Ayub Khan said:

The whole country has been exposed to electrical blackout and I am personally supervising the operation for restoration of power supply and right now I am in NPCC.

Experts say that when a large plant trips, the voltage and frequency drops instantly. Plants that are on system are designed to automatically open breakers and isolate themselves to avoid damage. The power houses will now be back in the system one by one.

Wapda’s Muzammil Hussain said experts were engaged to energise the system by starting Tarbela power houses. He said Wapda experts will help the NPCC in energising the system in phases.

Sindh, Punjab Balochistan, KPK and Azad Kashmir were all complete blackout.

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