Pakistan bans India Today's website
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Pakistan bans “India Today’s” website

Pakistani government banned “India Today”, which is an Indian magazine that works on current affairs. It started portraying Pakistani authorities in a disrespectful manner by crossing all the limits of journalistic values.

Pakistan instructed local internet services providers (ISPs) to block any content which is shared by India today.

This is the result of a situation when tensions between both the countries got serious on Kashmir dispute. Indian media and magazines like India today have been adding more flavours on the issue and showed involvement in Pakistan’s internal affairs.

Realizing the consequences an appeal was filed against magazine in Local court of Pakistan, which demanded to ban the Indian Magazine.

Indian media’s perennial silliness can never be ignored. Pakistan’s actions by banning the unwanted content may let us live in harmony and can help us in ignoring the pessimistic side transmitted by India.

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