One in five woman in Pakistan face violence
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“One in five woman in Pakistan face violence”

During the launch of National White Ribbon Campaign 2016 on Thursday, Director White Ribbon Campaign Umar Aftab said that about one in five women face gender-based violence in Pakistan varying in natures.

During his conversation with the media, he further stated that a serious change in attitude is needed in order to stop abuse against women. Furthermore, around 80 per cent women in Pakistan have personally witnessed some sort of abuse or violence, which can only be eradicated through a change in mindset and the education of children.

Umar Aftab stated;

“It is a matter of concern that every passing year, the reports of violence against women are increasing.”

On the same occasion, actor and social activist, Ahsan Khan also said;

We need to make sure that the negative attitude towards women is condemned, and it can only happen when men start reconsidering their approach towards the other gender.”

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